Endowment Gifts

The Foundation maintains several endowment funds for the purpose of sustaining long-term support of various educational projects. Earnings from these permanent funds are used annually to benefit MCCSC students. Donations can be made to any of the following endowment funds at any time. Additionally, a new endowed fund can be established with a minimum donation of $5,000. For more information, please contact the Foundation at 330-7700 extension 50065.

FMCCS General Endowment Fund
This fund is maintained to allow for the long-term support and success of the Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools. Earnings are used annually in support of the Foundation’s mission to inspire learning, enrich teaching and enhance the educational development of MCCSC students.

The Feather Connell Library Fund
This fund was originally established to help buy books and other materials for the Broadview library that would not be available through standard funding sources. The purpose of the fund, named in honor of long-time Broadview librarian Feather Connell, is to allow Broadview to establish and maintain the best library possible. Proceeds of the fund are now used to support the Summit Elementary School Library.

The Student Support Fund
This fund was established to assist MCCSC educators in provided learning materials for at-risk students in times of crisis or need.

The Happily Ever After Fund
Recognizing that literacy is the key to a happy, prosperous future, a local family established this fund to purchase books and other essential materials for elementary school libraries.

The Lexie Mills Scholarship Endowment
The family of Lexie Mills endowed a scholarship fund to preserve the memory of Mr. Mills a long-time educator and coach in the MCCSC.  Gifts can be designated to this fund.

The Lynn Verhagen Endowed Fund for the Childs Elementary School Library
Established in memory of the parent of a Childs Elementary School student, earnings from this fund are used to support the Childs Elementary School Library. Donations can be made at any time to this fund.

Bradford Woods Campership Endowment
This fund was created by the Foundation to provide financial assistance for fifth grade students to attend the MCCSC Bradford Woods program.  Every year hundreds of children attend Bradford Woods for a unique outdoor curriculum learning experience.  The fund provides both partial and full “camperships.” Donations can be made to this fund at any time.

Lily Endowment Project
In 1999, the Foundation received a $50,000 grant from the Lily Foundation for school libraries. The Foundation qualified for this grant by raising over $25,000 from the community for this project. The $50,000 in grant funds were dispersed among 20 MCCSC libraries based upon enrollment. The $25,000 raised from the community was deposited with the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County. Earnings from this endowment fund will be periodically distributed to support libraries. Donations can be made to this fund at any time by sending a gift to the Community Foundation at 307 Fountain Square, Bloomington, Indiana 47404. Please designate your gift to the Foundation of MCCS Library Fund.

Stevens Music Fund
This fund was established in memory of Sarah Stevens to be used for the music curriculum in all MCCSC elementary schools.

Marty Humes Professional Development Fund
This fund was established to provide staff members at Lakeview Elementary financial assistance toward professional development courses.  The fund was created in 2015 to honor the retirement of Marty Humes.