The Power of Endowment

Endowments are powerful financial assets which provide annual support and sustain long-term educational projects and student scholarships.

Choosing to create an endowed fund, means your charitable gift will impact MCCSC students permanently. Endowed permanent funds are invested wisely to provide annual benefit for MCCSC students and grow for future generations.

The foundation's investment policy provides an annual distribution by calculating the average market value of the Endowment Fund for the past three (3) years, as of May 31, and applying the rate of 4% to that average to determine the amount of the distribution for the following fiscal year.  This best practice is followed to ensure the endowment will:

1. ultimately pay out more than the original gift

2. grow in size, above and beyond the rate of inflation

3. survive all bear markets allowing for steady grant amounts.

If you would like to establish an endowment you will find more information on the Start a Fund tab or please contact us at 330-7700 extension 50065 or  We would love to talk with you.


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