Congratulations to our 2017/2018 scholarship and award recipients.  It is an honor to award more that $13,000 this year to outstanding young men and women in our community.   Best of Luck in your future!

Many of our scholarships and awards are provided through families, organizations, and businesses in our community.  To acknowledge and thank these donors we do ask that all recipients send a typed or hand written thank you letter.  Information regarding the family, organization, or business was provided in your grant award packet.  Please send your letter to our office and we will forward to the donor.  Sample thank you letters are available by clicking:

Sample thank you letter to FMCCS Board

Sample thank you letter to donor

Tips for writing a thank you letter

Many scholarships pay directly to the school you will be attending.  This information was provided to you in your award packet.  Please submit the Scholarship Recipient Form  to our office by June 15th, 2018.   Again please accept our congratulations and best wishes for your continued success in the future.

Award winners will be updated after all high school awards ceremonies are completed.

2017-18 Recipients

Laura Childs Grant  

Lauren Leal- BHSS,  Ryan Paquette- BHSN

Business and Professional Women’s Club Award

Natasha Moe- BHSS,  Mari Alyssa Williams- BHSN

Bertha Elizabeth Rogers Hinkle Memorial Scholarship

Susan Bowlen – BHSS,  Mari Alyssa Williams – BHSN

Phoebe Crookes Whaley Memorial Scholarship

Jamie Tartell  – BHSN

Brabson Scholarship

Harley Cretin- BHSS

Florence Hamilton Scholarship

Barbara Granicz – BHSS,  Sawyer Thomas Connally – BHSN

The Donald Childs Medal

Chance Coyle- BHSS,   Massimiliano Menczer  – BHSN

James R. Eberly Scholarship

Clara Smith – BHSN

James F. Thompson & Carolyn Weir Thompson Quill & Scroll Award

Hannah May- BHSN,   Jennifer Crystal-BHSS

Sam Burgess Memorial Scholarship

Bailey Zurface- BHSS

L. Jon Wertheim Journalism Award

Kristen Bills -BHSN

Elena T. Veach Memorial Scholarship

No Award – BHSS

Isaiah Stroup Memorial Scholarship

Shahzadi Upadhyay- BHSS

Lexie Mills Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Brown – BHSS

Fred Simic Memorial Scholarship

Zohra Saeedi – BHSN

Harrell-Fish Scholarship

Natasha Moe- BHSS

Operation Fishbowl Scholarship

Massimiliano Menczer (BHSN)

Bloomington Watercolor Society Art Scholarship

Clara Smith – BHSS

Leanna Beth Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Emma Fleener- HHCC

IU Credit Union Personal Achievement Awards

The Bloomington Graduation School – Cammy Burris

Bloomington High School North –  Hannah Jo Allen

Bloomington High School South – Jared Hall

Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship – Amber Case

Cummings Family Kindness Awards

Binford Elementary School- Kathryn Koceja, Ian Shaw

Bloomington North Rotary Outstanding Reader Awards

Tri-North – Anh Nguyen Tan,  Batchelor – Amy Peske,  Jackson Creek- Isabel Dowling