Grants Awarded

All grant programs funded by the Foundation are made possible by generous donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community.  The grant process is competitive, and the selection committee is comprised of teacher representatives from MCCSC schools, FMCCS Board members, and donors.

Fall 2022

Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship

Instructional Engagement and Creativity – Technology will support varied instructional models for learners of varied abilities to increase engagement through creativity of instruction.

Arlington Heights Elementary

Garden Renewal and Composting – Renewal of raised garden beds and a composting initiative will support the learning of concepts related to environmental impact of human systems and renewable resources while students participate in project planning and planning for sustainability.

Batchelor Middle School

Memoir Book Clubs for Middle School Students – The purchase of varied genres and levels of books in their Book Club curriculum will allow for book choices that are more academically accessible and inclusive of students that have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) through Special Education.

Bloomington High School North

Rolling Out for Success – Materials will support the success of students in the Principles of Culinary & Hospitality course in their pie-making unit and include pastry mats with measurements and various cutters.

Bloomington High School South

INCubatorEDU – A 3D printer and filament will enhance a new fabrication lab at BHSS as part of a new entrepreneurship class supporting career readiness standards.

Binford Elementary

Getting Additive at Binford Elementary! – A 3D printer will be used by multiple classrooms and educators including grade-levels, community-based classrooms, specials teachers, and the robotics team.

Fairview Elementary

Zimbabwean Marimbas  Three customized Zimbabwean marimbas will be used in their World Music Class, part of the Fairview Performing Arts Program, and the World Music After School Club (CODA Academy). Provided through Hutton Global Grant partnership.

Highland Park Elementary

Guitars for 3rd-6th Grade Students – A classroom set of 30, 3/4 size student guitars will enhance music education by fostering participation and a deeper understanding of the musical concepts listed in the Indiana Music Education Standards.

Classroom Enrichment – Classroom enrichment materials including leveled readers and organizational materials will support a Community-Based Classroom.

Jackson Creek Middle School

Mat Swap for PE – Replacement of 25-year-old gym mats will support physical literacy of all students in the school through PE classes, as well as supporting extra-curriculars such as wrestling and cheerleading.

Lakeview Elementary School

Guitars for Beginners – Funding of a classroom set of 20 guitars for 5th and 6th grade students to learn to play in music class.

Literacy Based STEM and Novel Engineering Materials – Literacy Based STEM and Novel Engineering lessons and activities support the reading and science curriculum at all grade levels by presenting a “problem” to solve present in a book the students are reading. Students use materials to come up with a solution to that problem.

Templeton/Grandview/Childs Elementary Schools

Color My World – A portable color projector and headphones/splitter for use by the English Language Learner teacher who travels between three elementary schools will allow for a richer learning experience for these visual learners that can be delivered in non-traditional classrooms (e.g., hallways, shared spaces).

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