Grants to Equip, Inspire, & Innovate Program

In support of our mission to inspire learning and enrich teaching, the Foundation provides grants to our educators to support materials and resources for programs and activities that go beyond the limits of the school budgets.  Grants are to support innovative programs or projects that enrich learning experiences, promote academic excellence for all ability levels, and engage 21st century learning skills for MCCSC students. 

The grant program is intended to support projects that have long-term benefits and enrich curriculum content in all subject areas. 

Funding proposals are reviewed and researched by a committee comprised of MCCSC educators and FMCCS personnel.  Through this process we believe the Foundation can have the greatest impact on education for our students.

All full-time MCCSC employees are eligible to apply for a grant.  MCCSC employees may receive a maximum of two grants per school year.  Students sponsored by an MCCSC classroom teacher are also eligible to apply for a grant.  The application must be approved by building principal and building representative.

The 2023-2024 Grant Cycles are as follows:

  • Fall Grant Cycle – July 24 - October 15, 2023 
    • Curriculum Enrichment Grants (CE)
    • Small Science & Environmental Grants (SE)
    • Elementary Library Grants (EL)
  • Spring Grant Cycle - January 2, 2023 - February 29, 2024
    • Curriculum Enrichment Grants (CE) 
    • Small Science & Environmental Grants (SE) 

To learn more about each grant program and access application links scroll to the dashboard and hover over Grants tab / Program tab / Various grants.


Insta-grants are $100 grants announced throughout the school year. Please follow our Twitter and Facebook pages to receive information on our granting days. On these days, MCCSC certified educators may reply to posts for the chance to receive $100 to impact their classrooms.


All grant requests must be entered through the online grant application program.  Applicants should read the program details of each grant application; it may include more details related to funding restrictions.  All applications must include an itemized budget uploaded in the application.  Grants should be well written and clearly define how the project will impact student learning and be measured.  Grant funding should be spent during the current school if there is an exception to that time line it should be defined.  Grants are reviewed on a competitive basis and may be partially funded or not be funded.

All grant applications must be reviewed and approved electronically by the applicant’s school principal and building representative.  Grants not approved at the building level will not be considered for funding.

All schools are required to have a Building Representative to the Foundation.  This person serves as a liaison to their faculty to communicate program and fundraising information as well as facilitate questions.  If a school does not have an active Building Representative grants submitted from their faculty cannot be reviewed for funding.  A list of all Building Representatives is in the drop down.  If you are interested in serving as your school's Building Representative please email us.

Grant award recipients must file a Grant Evaluation by the end of the school year in which the grant was awarded.  If grant evaluations are not filed timely, the applicant will not be eligible for future grant funding from the Foundation.

Items purchased with Foundation funds will remain at the school to which it was granted unless the Foundation approves otherwise.

Grant recipients may be asked to make a presentation or a display about their grant for Foundation events and use.  Grant recipients are asked to announce their grant to the families and faculty at your school, and in school publications.  The Foundation should be acknowledged in any publicity regarding grants.


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