Grants to Equip, Inspire, & Innovate Program

In support of our mission to inspire learning and enrich teaching, the Foundation provides grants to our educators to support materials and resources that directly benefit MCCSC students and align with state standards and school improvement plans. The grant program is intended to support projects that will have a long-term benefit and enrich curriculum content in all subject areas.

Our goal through this program is to provide experiences that will enhance literacy, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and hands-on learning experiences for our students.

Funding proposals are reviewed and researched by a committee comprised of MCCSC educators and FMCCS personnel in an effort to have the greatest impact on education for our students.

Our grant cycle for the 2019-2020 school year will open in late July / early August

Grant Investment Priorities


Curriculum Enrichment Grants – $250 to $5,000

CE Grants are designed to support effective educational projects that immerse students in engaging instructional content across all subject areas. Projects may impact a single classroom, multiple classrooms, grade levels, PLCs, schools, or district level programs. Specific funding is available in the areas of fiber arts and global content /cross cultural experiences.

Expenses eligible for funding include but are not limited to:

  • Education materials and resources related to the project
  • Technology and software as approved by MCCSC Information Services
  • Authors, speakers, and experts to support instructional content
  • Support for professional development as approved by MCCSC and related to student improvement; we encourage collaboration by PLCs, schools, and grade levels to maximize impact
  • Field trips specifically related to course curriculum

Funding will not be awarded for consumable and disposable items such as prizes, awards, and food.  Salary, transportation, food, and lodging for MCCSC personnel may not be requested.  Professional development during the school year is limited and must be approved by MCCSC administration.

All full-time MCCSC employees are eligible to apply for a grant.  Students sponsored by an MCCSC classroom teacher are also eligible to apply.

Application Period:  August 1 – October 11, 2018 (Closed)

Apply for a Curriculum Enrichment Grant

Elementary Library Grants

Elementary school media specialists or school administrators may apply for funds to purchase books for their school’s library collection.  Grants may include purchases for books that support and enhance curriculum, as well as books for pleasure reading.  The grant request must be supported by industry research as related to the request.  A list of the books to be purchased with the proposal must be uploaded with the application.  Technology or related expenses including e-books and book processing fees are not eligible for funding in this grant category. Shipping is covered by the grant program.

Application Period:  August 1 – October 4, 2018 (Closed)

Apply for an Elementary Library Grant

Small Science & Environmental Grants – $100 to $500

Science & Environmental (SE) grants are provided in partnership with the Raymond Foundation.   Eligible expenses are the same as the Curriculum Enrichment Grants but specific to science and environmental projects. Only MCCSC certified educators may apply.  SE grants include a Renewable Option to extend the grant proposal for ongoing support of the project for the following school year.  This program is intended to enrich the data driven sciences and curriculum with activities that may need to be done outside a traditional classroom setting and/or enhance student development of required curriculum standards. Applicants that apply for renewable funding will be required to file an impact report that demonstrates the outcomes and benefits to student learning of the program/course by the end of the school year.  Some examples of valid projects might be studies such as annual monitoring of water quality of a local stream, project based learning resources that repeat each year,  or annual field trips to expose students to real-world examples that have been studied in the course curriculum.   The Renewable Option will be reviewed annually.

Application Period:  August 1 – October 11, 2018, then ongoing monthly starting Dec 1 until funds are spent. (Closed)

Apply for a Small Science & Environmental Grant


Monthly Curriculum Enrichment Grant – $100 to $500

These grants will follow the same funding guidelines as the Curriculum Enrichment Grants; the maximum funding request is limited to $500.  These are intended to fill smaller project needs throughout the school year.  The grant proposals will be reviewed monthly until funds are spent.

Application Period:  December  1, 2018, then ongoing monthly until funds are spent. (Closed)

Apply for Monthly CE Grant


Insta-grants are $100 grants announced throughout the school year. Please follow our Twitter and Facebook pages to receive information on our granting days. On these days, MCCSC certified educators may reply to posts for the chance to receive $100 to impact their classrooms. 

High Impact Grant Proposals $5,000 +

High Impact grants are for programs that will fulfill are larger programmatic need for MCCSC students.  These programs/projects should be designed to have a long-term impact on learning and fulfill a need that will impact a significant number of students.  Project proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation, key MCCSC curriculum directors, and building principal.  If accepted a full grant application will be required.  These proposals are not included in the fall grant committee review process or funding.  If a project is accepted it may take additional time to raise funding.

Application Period August 1 – October 11, 2018 (Closed)

Apply for a High Impact Grant Proposal



All grant requests must be entered through the online grant application program.  Applicants should read the program details of each grant application; it may include more details related to funding restrictions.  All applications must include an itemized budget; the template can be uploaded below.  Grants are reviewed on a competitive basis and may not be funded or may be partially funded.

All grant applications must be reviewed and approved electronically by the applicant’s school principal and building representative.  Grants not approved at the building level will not be considered for funding.

Grant award recipients must file a Grant Evaluation by the end of the school year in which the grant was awarded.  If grant evaluations are not filed timely, the applicant will not be eligible for future grant funding from the Foundation.

Items purchased with Foundation funds will remain at the school to which it was granted unless the Foundation approves otherwise.

Grant recipients may be asked to make a presentation or a display about their grant for Foundation events and use.  Grant recipients are asked to announce their grant to the families and faculty at your school, and in school publications.  The Foundation should be acknowledged in any publicity regarding grants.

Resource Information

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Grant Evaluation Review Committee Instructions

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