Grants Awarded – Elementary Library

Elementary Library Grants funded by the Foundation are funded through the Happily Ever After Endowment.  All MCCSC elementary schools are eligible to apply for a grant.

Fall 2022

Arlington Heights Elementary

Just the Facts – Expands and refreshes outdated nonfiction collections.

Binford Elementary

Our United States – Nonfiction books updating collections about individual U.S. states supporting 5th grade curriculum.

Childs Elementary

Supporting Home Languages through Books – Funds a new collection of multilingual resources to support ENL students and their families.

Clear Creek Elementary

Nonfiction as a Reader’s Choice – Updates and expands nonfiction collections in support of projects across a range of grade levels include animal research, biographical reports, and environmental impact projects relating to classroom curriculum.

Fairview Elementary

Happy Readers! – Updates fiction collections to more current books that will excite students and encourage the fun in reading.

Grandview Elementary

Library Books and Learning to Read – Updates collections intended for Free Voluntary Reading with titles that are inviting to students and will encourage exploring new genres and building vocabulary.

Highland Park Elementary

Let’s Bring the HP Library into the 21st Century! – Updates, expands, and diversifies outdate book collections for choice reading to develop life-long readers.

Lakeview Elementary

Books that Support STEM Learning and Novel Engineering – Fiction and nonfiction books will support STEM and Novel Engineering projects. These projects involve students solving a problem presented in a book through research and materials.

Marlin Elementary

The Quest for Truth – Updates and expands nonfiction collections for students as well as teachers to use in their lesson plans.

Rogers Elementary

Many Voices: Bilingual Books in the Library – Builds a collection of bilingual books for beginning readers in a variety of languages to support new readers and ENL students and their families.

Summit Elementary

Expanding Spanish Literacy Opportunities – Expands nonfiction and fiction Spanish collections to support the Spanish Immersion Program in grades K-6 as well as additional students learning Spanish.

Templeton Elementary

Bilingual Books for a World School – Expands collection of Spanish and bilingual English/Spanish books to support Spanish curriculum and IB school curriculum.

Unionville Elementary

Renewed Nonfiction – Increases nonfiction collections in order to support the school’s strategic plan to increase nonfiction and academic vocabulary.

University Elementary

This Is How We Do It: Books for Making and Doing – Expands Do-It-Yourself unit with books on making and doing and supports questions from students who want to learn about specific topics.

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