Grants Awarded 2019-2020 

All grant programs funded by the Foundation are made possible by generous donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community.  The grant process is competitive, and the selection committee is comprised of teacher representatives from MCCSC schools, FMCCS Board members, and donors.

 Elementary Library Grants

  • Its okay to make mistakes when I create! – Arlington Heights Elementary School
  • New Teachers, New Topics, and Great Research  – Binford Elementary School
  • Choice! Choice! Choice!- Childs Elementary School
  • Global Citizenship: Connecting to Our World- Clear Creek Elementary School
  • Just Keep Reading – Fairview Elementary School
  • Increasing Literature Increases Reading Scores – Grandview Elementary
  • Books to Support Projects and Pleasure Reading – Highland Elementary School
  • CORE Read Alouds – Lakeview Elementary School
  • Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood – Marlin Elementary School
  • We Need Diversity – Templeton Elementary School
  • Sixth Grade High Interest Shelf – Unionville Elementary School
  • Books Show the Way: Life Skills – University Elementary School

Science & Environmental Grants

  • Environmental Science Streams Field Trip –  BloomingtonHigh  School North
  • Science of Silica – Summit Elementary
  • Outdoor Science: Highland Park
  • MCCSC & IU 4th Grade Maker Challenge– District Wide
  • Cave Ecosystems – Templeton Elementary School
  • Rocket Inquiry– Templeton Elementary School
  • Wildcare Guest Speakers– Bloomington North High School
  • Goose Pond Field Trip– Bloomington South High School

Curriculum and Enrichment Grants

  • Guided Reading Books – Childs Elementary School
  • High School Equivalency Boot Camp – Broadview Learning Center
  • Intermittent Fantasy: Gaming, Escapism, and Brain Breaks in the Library – Bloomington High School North
  • Kindergarten Fine Motor Skills – Highland Park Elementary
  • Leadership Development in Action – Bloomington High School North
  • The Arts Bookshelf – Fairview Elementary
  • Building Our Social Emotional Learning – Fairview Elementary 
  • Let Them Hear Us! – Templeton Elementary 
  • Spanish World Culture – Rogers/Binford Elementary
  • BYOU Build Your Own Ukulele – Academy of Science & Entrepreneurship
  • Ukulele Program 2nd-6th – Highland Park Elementary 
  • Bailar Con Tanguero! – Fairview Elementary
  • The Green Theater: Promoting Environmentally Conscious  – Bloomington High School South 
  • Carve it Up! Bang it Out! – Fairview Elementary
  • Flexible Seating – Childs Elementary
  • STEM Kits for STEM Project – All Elementary Schools
  • Significant Events in the Lives of Middle Schoolers – Tri-North Middle School
  • Sensory Devices for Better Education – Hoosier Hills Career Center
  • Breaking the Stigma: Teens and Mental Health – Hoosier Hills Career Center
  • COVID-19 School Supplies – All MCCSC Schools


 INSTA-Grant Awards
These grants are determined through Giving Days on Facebook and Twitter

  • Jennifer Brinegar

Community Partnership Grants

The Foundation will work with several external organizations and foundations in our community to help fund large impact needs in our schools.  Awards granted so far this year are:

  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: RAZ Kids Subscription – Fairview Elementary
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: Artful Learning Transportation – Fairview Elementary
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: Upgrade Our Library Collection – Fairview Elementary
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: Family Lending Library – Summit Elementary
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: BAS Kits in English and Spanish  – Summit Elementary
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: BAS Kits Need Updating – Templeton Elementary
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: Learning Outside the ClassroomTempleton Elementary
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: Building a Reset Room  – TriNorth Middle School
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: Positive Behavior Intervention & Support – TriNorth Middle School
  • Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone: STEM to THEM
  • The Wahl Family Charitable Trust: Real Men Read Program
  • Community Foundation Bloomington & Monroe County: MCCSC Early Learning Programs
  • State Farm Neighborhood Grant: STEM to THEM
  • Harrell-Fish Inc: STEM to THEM
  • Duke Energy Foundation: Math in Practice
  • Raymond Foundation: STEM to THEM
  • Old National Bank Foundation: STEM to THEM