With this little piggy, we will “change” EDUCATION!

The Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools begins its newest fundraiser With this little piggy…

Board members have painted a piggy bank and will place it in a local business for the next 12 months.  Our goal is to demonstrate that small gifts do make a big difference.  These gifts can “change” education. 

Please find all of our creative Piggy Banks on our Facebook page and vote for your favorite.  Better yet find all of our piggy banks, located in various businesses throughout Bloomington, drop in a few coins and see what a difference your “change” can make.  


Public piggy banks in Bloomington to collect money for public schools:


By April Toler

331-4353 | atoler@heraldt.com


Fran and Gene Weinberg have spent their lives in education, including decades volunteering for the Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools.  So when the call went out to paint dozens of ceramic pigs for an upcoming fundraiser, the duo was there with paintbrushes in hand.  “It’s really unique and we are really enthusiastic about it,” Gene said as he brushed blue paint on one of the pigs.   The pigs are a part of a new fundraising effort by the foundation, which helps provide resources for local teachers and classrooms.

On Friday, members of the foundation board, and their friends and family, helped paint the pigs, which were created by artist and Indiana University adjunct professor Payson McNett.   The colorful swine will be placed in businesses throughout Bloomington with signs encouraging residents to drop in a little change to help “‘change’ education.”

“Anybody is invited to drop some change in,” said Sara Neeley, foundation executive director. “A penny here, a quarter there, it all adds up.”

Foundation members and their loved ones spent Friday evening enthusiastically painting the pigs. Each pig had different themes and colors, and each volunteer said they were doing it as another way to support an organization that supports education.

“I think public schools are more important than almost anything else,” Fran Weinberg said. “If you don’t have kids in school, the whole thing crumbles.  It’s like having a castle without a foundation.”

For Karen Adams, the painting event was a way to volunteer her time to an organization she believes in and to also show her children some of the work that goes into funding local schools.   “They need to be involved,” Adams said of her twin sons, who attend Bloomington High School North. “They need to appreciate everything that goes into funding a school and everything they have at their fingertips at the school. So it’s nice to help explain this is money that goes to help you and your teachers.”

Each pig will be placed in a local business in the Bloomington area.

Representatives of any businesses that would like to host a pig may call the foundation at 330-7700.