Celebrating 40 Years

Thank you for helping the Foundation celebrate 40 years of service to the MCCSC.  On June 27, 1973, FMCCS held its first board meeting and began serving the needs of students and educators in Monroe County.

As the Foundation plans for our future we are asking 100 people to give $400 or more.   It is evident that the Bloomington community values education and today we ask you to please consider a donation in honor of our 40 years of service to the educators and students of the MCCSC.  Your gift will Make a Difference.   Click the donate button to make a donation or establish an on-going gift to FMCCS.

A special thank you to Matthew Helm, a 2013 graduate of Bloomington High School South for his work in creating this video.  Link to Video.

If you would like to make a pledge or one time gift, please print this form and return it to our office.

Thank your for your support and commitment to education.  Photos of our celebration can be found in the gallery.