Bloomington Reads at the Farmers Market a Huge Success

On Saturday, the weather was perfect and that meant a big crowd at the Farmers’ Market. Keith did an excellent job of MC-ing. Alan kept the place in the book and didn’t lose a single one! Betsy and Kelly and Tina recruited a steady stream of celebrity and walk-on readers. Cyrilla and Tamar somehow magically produced fliers, banners, stage, and sound system. Scott and Martha (who was probably the only one warm enough, at least early in the morning) created quite a buzz.

James and the Giant Peach turned out to be the perfect choice, as it was funny, fast-paced, and offered lots of dramatic possibilities. The reading went faster than expected, so the first reading finished at 11 and started over again.

The event had more than 200 readers (haven’t yet counted the releases). The readers lined up, including teachers, librarians, elected officials, police and firemen, an IU football player, a little Swedish girl just learning English, a distinguished local author, a belly dancer, and many, many others. When the tape is edited, it will be a very lively program!

Visit the Gallery for more pictures of the event!